[Update] Gravity Falls + Happy Holidays!!

[Update] Gravity Falls + Happy Holidays!!

It’s finally here!!!


I was so happy to receive these in the mail Tuesday! And they came out so pretty!!! *-*

I will be selling these special babies at future convention. If you like one please do pass by and pick up one of these fancy bookmarks! I love how they feel, and that the front is all shiny and sparkly. Here’s some close-ups! Enjoy!

IMG_0900 IMG_0899

I also did a reorder of new/old prints for my convention inventory. I enjoy Holiday printing specials. :3

A small update in life: I’ve been busy! Dx Been very slow on the art front as I come home and just want to lay in the bed and sleep the night away. An early Happy Holidays to everyone as I will be on vacation for Christmas week in Puerto Rico!!! *0* (YES 1 1/2 MORE WEEKS!) The end of the year is a very busy one for me, and time seems to be flying past me. I hope for great things to happen in the new year!

A few weeks back, maybe a month at this point, I received news that I have been rejected from Katsucon Artist Alley. So next year I won’t be attending or selling at that convention. 🙁 It’s kinda sad, since I like that convention, but conventions aren’t fun for me unless I am chained to my table. Ha…

So currently the only convention I am scheduled for is Castle Point Anime Convention in Hoboken, NJ. I hope to hear back from other conventions! Fingers crossed!!!!

I hope everyone has a safe, and Happy Holiday!!!

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