[FanArt] Gravity Falls

[FanArt] Gravity Falls

I’ve been a little slow in the Art department of things lately. Could only get little doodles in during work, and my computer has started to get a little laggy. =.= Time to get more ram!!!

So to help get the creative juices flowing, I decided to create a fan art of the Pine twins from Gravity Falls. They are such cuties!! I love them so much! I even cosplayed as Mabel for NYCC this year.

First thing’s first…. Sketch time! BAM!

Gravity Falls-WIP1

I do most of my sketching on my Wacom Cintiq, on a very large canvas. (11×17 @ 500 Resolution) I give myself such a big canvas to allow room for more detail, and also for resizing purposes.

For anyone who wants to be a digital illustrator, the most important thing is to take note of the size of your canvas. You don’t want to see down the line that the beautiful piece you worked so hard on can’t be printed because it’s just way too small!!

While I was sketching, I decided to add Bill Cipher in cause he’s totally the Pine Twins’ #1 Stalker.

Next up: INKING!!!

Gravity Falls-WIP2

Inking can be time consuming, but fun. Onto the next stage, Coloring! But first, flat colors!


Gravity Falls-WIP3

After finally setting my flat colors in, I realized I had done Dipper’s book wrong!! I had made it backwards. Thank God it’s not Traditional Art or else I would have had to start over. With some quick fixing, the piece started to come together. I gave Bill his traditional yellow glow, and it definitely made him look cool – for an evil guy. 🙂

Bill with Anime Eyes

My boyfriend even made a joke when he saw it: What if Bill had a sparkly anime eye! It was hilarious, and looking at him closer, his bowtie looks like his mouth! I think he just wants some love…. Maybe destroying your world is just his way of showing he loves you…. right?

Without getting any more sidetracked, when I color, I use a feathered round brush in Photoshop in combination with the gradient tool to help blend my colors. My favorite things to color are Hair and Skin. I like the shiny look of hair, and making the soft look of skin.

Gravity Falls

When I was finishing up this piece, I decided it would be cool to have this printed in Pearl UV in Bookmark size. I can’t wait for it to come, and I’ll definitely post pictures of it. I was pleased with the final result even though I was initially stumped on the background. Originally, I had dark shapes that looked like Pine Trees as the background, but then it changed to squares and cracks littered throughout.

I ended up going pretty creepy with the back of the bookmark.. Oops. Fear Bill Cipher!


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