[FanArt] DJ Sona

[FanArt] DJ Sona

I was really happy with the way this came out! Recently I’ve been playing a lot of League of Legends with my friends and I finally got my hands on playing Sona. Her DJ skin is the best, and I enjoy listening to her tunes during a match. šŸ™‚

Currently I like playing as, Sona, Lux, and Ashe. ^^

dj1What I liked working on most was her hair. Since her hair had a bit of a gradient going from Green to Blue-faded it was fun to mess with the colors together. There were a lot of mixing, and using gradients to get the soft look.

I had to change the way I usually color to try and get the full effect of the many light reflecting off of her. So I went for a more painted shiny look.

I had a lot of inspiration from a concert I went to in the Fall at Madison Square Garden. I went to go see Zedd, and the light show was amazing. It followed the sound of the music, switching to various colors, and you can not forget about the lasers! I wanted Sona to have that concert finish. Sparkles of lights, confetti particles, and screaming fans around her.

This piece was all done on a Cintiq Wacom Tablet using Photoshop. (Sketching, Inking & Coloring) Probably a full day’s work, maybe, I forgot to keep track. (lol)

This print will be printed and sold at future conventions! šŸ™‚ Yay!!

DJ Sona

Check it out on: AngelDranger @ DA

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